What You Need To Know About Html5 Pages In China

As a small business expanding into China, discovering new ways to develop closer relationships with your customer base can only be a good thing. In today’s increasingly competitive world, where businesses are vying for the attention of customers, creating high-quality content and digital experiences can set you apart, and that’s where HTML5 pages can come in. Also known as H5 pages, HTML5 pages are small, mobile websites and landing pages that can be integrated into Chinese social networking sites like WeChat and Weibo, allowing you to offer your audience more immersive, in-depth content than you’d typically be able to provide via newsfeeds. Below, we’ve put together some of the benefits.

A traditional website experience

Although many Chinese eCommerce brands have their own websites and apps, the vast majority of brands sell directly on social networking sites like WeChat thanks to eCommerce integration and the country’s social-first attitude to shopping. H5 pages, though outside of social networks, allow you to serve a lightweight version of a company website, offering more advanced functionality and aesthetics, overlaid on Chinese social media apps. They’re designed to load instantly and are similar to AMP pages. Consider them a website/app hybrid.

Offer interactive experiences

Chinese consumers are overloaded with content from brands around the world, and though you’ll still need to convince potential customers to follow you, H5 pages allow you to offer interactive, customised content that hones in on your target demographic. Whether you add animations, interactive drag-and-drop style content, or even augmented reality overlays, H5 pages offer more customisation and flexibility than a social post, for instance, helping elevate your products and inspire consumers to part with their cash, or at least follow your brand.

Encourage user-generated content

Because H5 pages can be deployed quickly and launched from WeChat, they can be used to piggyback on current trends and encourage your followers to create content in response to it. If you wanted to get involved in the latest season of Singer (歌手), China’s answer to The X Factor, for example, you could create an H5 page where your followers submit videos of them singing a song or coming up with a jingle for your business. There are endless possibilities with H5 pages - the most difficult part is coming up with unique, creative ideas.

Collect data on future customers

Just as you would with a traditional website, H5 pages can be rigged up with analytics and data tracking tools and modules, which you can use to collect information on users and how they interact with your content. For example, you could find out whether your latest H5 campaign resulted in direct traffic or sales, and the more data you collect, the better your H5 content will become, as you can optimise it to maximise sales and conversions. It’s a good idea to work with a local marketing agency that can hone-in on your ideal customer base and create localised, relevant content that appeals to their senses, whether you’re selling whisky or walking shoes. The more personalised your H5 content is, the more likely it is to go viral.


Finally, consider H5 pages an inexpensive alternative to WeChat Mini Programs and fully-fledged websites or eCommerce stores. You can design and launch an H5 page in just a couple of hours, and once you’ve created a few templates, it’s simply a case of cutting and pasting your content ideas into place and hitting publish. Having said that, you should not totally replace WeChat Mini Programs; H5 pages lack functionality like in-app purchasing.

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