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At Zudu China, we’re passionate about helping businesses fly the flag for Scotland in China.

But as well as offering on-the-ground digital marketing support for firms offering products and services in China, we also help companies attract Chinese tourists right here in Scotland.

We recently partnered with The Dundee Heritage Trust’s RRS Discovery to launch a new interactive WeChat guide for Chinese visitors exploring the museum and its grounds. We’ve put together more about how we helped, and how we could help your Scottish attraction…

The brief

The Dundee Heritage Trust came to Zudu China looking for an interactive digital tour guide for Chinese visitors, designed to give tourists more to read, learn, and discover during their visit to the city’s popular attraction. DHT wanted to cater to the growing number of Chinese tourists who visit Scotland, with the country seeing a 300% rise in visitor numbers from China within the last 10 years, according to data from an International Passenger Survey.

Once we had completed a full onsite and digital audit of Discovery Point, we set to work on building a comprehensive marketing strategy, designed to increase the attraction’s digital presence in China and improve the customer experience of Chinese tourists at the venue.

One of the primary outputs of the campaign was to introduce a Discovery Point WeChat public platform, designed to be used as a marketing tool and an interactive digital tour guide for Chinese visitors. Rather than launching a dedicated app or website, users could get involved the moment they enter the attraction using their phone and a special QR code.

How it works

Once users scan a QR code via WeChat, they’ll receive tourist information directly to their phones so they can get to know the fascinating history of the RSS Discovery in their native language. Visitors can access information throughout the exhibition and onboard Discovery, and the app can even be used in the café where, with a quick scan, menus are translated.

Alongside the new Chinese-language guide, we also developed a public platform on WeChat - China’s most popular social media app, often described as “the app for everything”.


The platform is designed to keep visitors updated on all the latest news and events from DHT, as well as allow people to interact with other visitors and leave comments and reviews to further encourage more Chinese tourists to visit Scotland and stop by The Royal Research Ship Discovery, Discovery Point Antarctic Museum, and the Verdant Works textile museum.

The benefits

The project has given Dundee a big push in the right direction when it comes to facilitating Chinese tourists, and we’ve been delighted to work on it. We hope that it inspires others in the Scottish tourism industry to develop their resources for Chinese visitors, creating a more welcoming, accessible customer experience that keeps Scotland firmly on the tourist map.


Though we only launched the interactive digital tour guide in February, the project has already received positive feedback from the Chinese community in Dundee, and Deirdre Robertson, the Executive Director of Dundee Heritage Trust, said that the WeChat platform and guide “creates an excellent environment for visitors to learn and have a great time.”

Between 2009 and 2011, Scotland welcomed around 12,300 Chinese tourists per year, while between 2015 and 2017, that figure rose to 50,300 per year on average - an increase of more than 300%. What’s more, a recent tourism study found that 87% of Chinese visitors to Scotland would like to return, thanks to our “beautiful landscapes” and fascinating culture.

If you’re looking to welcome more Chinese visitors to your tourist attraction, restaurant, hotel, or retail outlet here in Scotland, reach out to the Chinese digital marketing experts at Zudu China. Call us on 01382 690080 or click here to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

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