Weibo Statistics

If you’re marketing your business in China, it’s likely that WeChat will be your first port of call.

It’s essentially China’s “app for everything,” often compared to Facebook when its size and market dominance are discussed.

And whilst that’s true, Weibo, China’s answer to Twitter, should not be overlooked, especially if you want to build trust, awareness, and drive sales.

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Below, we’ve put together ten mindblowing Weibo statistics to demonstrate our point…

25% of Chinese consumers use Weibo

According to eMarketer, more than 25% of Chinese consumers now have a Weibo account and use the platform on a regular basis. That’s huge news whatever your niche - with the right Weibo social media marketing strategy, you can target a quarter of China’s consumers.

Weibo has almost 500 million users

Today, Weibo encompasses many of the popular features we know and love about Western networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Reddit, and because of its constant additions, it’s grown to an incredible 497 million users as of September 2019. In comparison, Twitter, which is available around the world outside of China, has just 330 million active users.

94% of users have Weibo on their phone

There are many benefits to mobile marketing in China - not only do Chinese consumers spend more of their time on smartphones than anywhere else, but they’re more likely to buy products and services via their phones, too. So it’s good news that approximately 94% of Weibo’s monthly active users (MAUs) access Weibo from their phone via the Weibo app.

SMEs spent $412.5 million on ads in Q3 2019

In the third quarter of this year, advertising revenue from key accounts and small and medium-sized businesses reached a record US$412.5million, an increase of around 1% over last year’s US$409.3 million. There are many ways to advertise, like display adverts, search engine promotion, fan headlines, tunnels, and most recently, through live streaming.

The ninth most popular site in China

Weibo is the ninth most-visited website in China, and the most-visited Chinese social networking website (as Weibo has an active desktop community, whereas WeChat is only available via a downloadable app, akin to Instagram). Drive traffic back to your own website by posting on Weibo regularly - the more active and engaged your audience is, the better!

82% of users have purchased products online after using Weibo

Though building a presence on Weibo organically is recommended, you can also splash out on paid advertising to put your products and services in front of consumers overnight. And it works: 82% of Weibo users say that they have purchased products online after using Weibo.

The majority of users were born after 1980

If you’re targeting a young, affluent user base, look no further than Weibo. According to one report, the majority of Weibo users were born between 1980 and 1989, China’s first boomers and netizens. And there’s a growing number of users born from the 1990s; it’s the perfect app for lifestyle brands looking to target a millennial audience that has money to spend.

1,500,000 verified accounts

Just like on Twitter and Instagram, Weibo businesses and influencers can apply to have their accounts verified for added trust. According to the Weibo Data Center, the number of verified corporate accounts on Weibo reached an incredible 1,500,000 in 2018, with verifications in virtually every industry from food and drink to fashion and beauty. Applying for verification will demonstrate that your brand is legitimate and encourage consumers to find out more.

20% user growth in a year

Between 2018 and 2019, Weibo reported user growth of more than 20% - impressive for an already-established social network. In the years ahead, its user base is only set to grow, as owners Sina Corp add new features to make the network more competitive with WeChat and Douyin. Grab a share of the market today and you’ll be able to grow as the network grows.

17.4% of Weibo users buy within the app

According to China Internet Watch, more than 17% of Weibo users buy products and services from within the app, after being exposed to advertisements or organic content from brands and influencers. Focus on building brand awareness, targeting the right users and make it easy for people to buy your products (by accepting payment methods like AliPay).

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