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WeChat is a powerful marketing tool

As an entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom, the chances are that you know little about the power of WeChat. The app is China's answer to Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Apple Pay, company blogs, ecommerce stores and more, and is often labelled as "the app for everything".

If you’re looking to expand your business into territories such as China, WeChat must be part of your marketing strategy. Below, we’ve put together seven mind-blowing statistics to explain why

WeChat has a billion users

With more than one billion monthly users, WeChat is China's most popular social network and represents immense opportunities for UK businesses. Whether you're a fashion brand that wants to expand or you sell software as a service, having the right marketing strategy could help you to access a virtually unlimited number of consumers, all of whom are ready to buy.

14 million businesses are on the platform

If you decide to jump on the WeChat bandwagon and sign up for an account for your business, you won't be alone. More than fourteen million brands and retailers around the world - including British giant Unilever - have a presence on WeChat, and competition has never been greater. Just as it is for marketing in Western countries, a unique and engaging content strategy is key.

There are 70 million WeChat users outside of China

If China isn’t at the top of your hitlist, WeChat may still be something to consider. Despite being targeted towards Chinese consumers, the app boasts more than 70 million users outside of the territory. Indeed, the number of Japanese businesses accepting WeChat Pay multiplied by 35, and London’s Camden Market recently introduced WeChat Pay to appeal to Chinese tourists.

98% of 50-80-year-olds use WeChat

Whilst some Western social networking apps appeal mainly to millennials - mainly Snapchat and Instagram - WeChat is an app for every generation. According to a report by Technode, 98.5% of 50-80-year-olds surveyed use WeChat. Of course, the data doesn’t represent the entire population but gives an insight into just how widespread the app has become.

More than 800 million people pay using WeChat

Just as Apple Pay and Google Pay have revolutionised our high streets and made it easier than ever to shop on the go, WeChat has done the same for China. There are more than 800 million WeChat Pay users around the world, contributing to China’s $16 trillion mobile payments market. From street food vendors to multinational businesses, WeChat has become a cashless payment provider of choice for many consumers. And when it comes to online purchases, more than 300 million WeChat users have their credit card details attached to their accounts, making ecommerce shopping within the WeChat ecosystem a convenient one-click operation.

600 million use WeChat mini-programs

Mini-programs - tiny applications less than ten megabytes in size and sit within the WeChat ecosystem - have transformed the way brands interact with consumers in China. Rather than creating their own software and infrastructures, they operate within WeChat, meaning users don't need to leave the app itself. More than 600 million people now engage with mini-programs, demonstrating the potential for growing businesses who want to market their products in China.

83% now use WeChat for work

It’s not just consumer-facing businesses that can find success with WeChat. Data suggests that 83% of professionals now use WeChat as part of their working day, whether communicating with their colleagues or offering customer service to their clients. B2Bs with a WeChat Subscription Account will be able to create a custom content strategy that appeals to key decision makers.

At Zudu China, we can unlock your brand’s potential using WeChat to market your products and services to billions of potential customers. To find out more, call us on +44 (0)1382 690 080.

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