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Though once considered the shining star of Chinese social media, Weibo has struggled to compete with WeChat in terms of user growth.

However, despite tough competition from Tencent, the network is still a must-have for anyone looking to do business in China, allowing you to reach millions of potential customers, build your brand, and drive e-commerce sales.

Last year, we shared some mind-blowing Weibo statistics to give you food for thought. This week, we’ve put together more eye-opening statistics to show why you need a presence…

Used by almost half of the population


With close to 500 million users in China, Weibo is now used by almost half of the country’s online population. That’s up from the 25% penetration of the population reported in 2018, showing that the network hadn’t slowed down in terms of user acquisition. For a business like yours, that’s great news: though WeChat will be your first port of call, having access to a site with almost half of the country’s population will make marketing your products simple.

Second most popular social network in China


Weibo still has a long way to go if it wants to compete with WeChat’s one billion daily active users, but it’s considered the second-most popular social network in China. That’s despite the growing competition from rivals such as Douyin (known as TikTok in the West). The viral video sharing app topped 400 million daily active users in China by January 2020, up from 250 million active daily users in January 2019, so Weibo could soon be moved to third place.

93% access Weibo on their phones


What’s interesting to note is that almost all of Weibo’s users access the social network on their phones, which is an important piece of data if you’re marketing on the platform.

What does it mean? Well, the vast majority of users are accessing Weibo on the go, whether they are on the train, at home, or at a restaurant with friends.

China’s 400 million millennials are more likely to buy from an e-commerce store on their phone and through social media than they are on a desktop or by clicking a search ad, so focus on building a Weibo presence.

80% of users are under 30


Something else to bear in mind is that 80% of Weibo’s user base is under 30. The social network is also particularly popular amongst white-collar workers and the urban online population with mobile phones. Conveniently, these users have higher levels of disposable income and are more likely to purchase directly from social media than other user groups.

Home to 700,000 influencers


Weibo says that there are more than 700,000 content producers and influencers on the platform (anyone who has more than 20,000 followers). Weibo says that this group has grown 37% year-on-year, and influencers with more than 500,000 followers has grown 60% on the previous year, with almost 50,000 “high profile” influencers on the platform.

As a small business, you can reach out to these KOLs and influencers and interact with their fans, piggybacking off of their success to increase your own follower count and engagement.

130 million messages sent a day


Weibo users send more than 130 million messages every day. Because companies can create their own business pages and interact with customers, you can build relationships with your followers and convert them into buyers. Respond to their queries quickly, start conversations, and be aware of viral topics and trends to put your business at the centre.

1.5 million videos uploaded to Weibo per day


Video content is big business in China. With more than a million videos uploaded to the platform every day, you’ll have to work hard if you want to stand out from the crowd. Use a local video production company or a Chinese digital marketing agency like Zudu China to help you create engaging, relevant content that will put more eyeballs on your products.

Content producers generate 26.8 billion yuan per year


Influencers and content producers obtained 26.8 billion yuan in 2019, most of which coming from e-commerce. Influencer marketing is set to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022 and with Chinse consumers more likely to purchase from social media than users from other nations, Weibo offers the perfect platform to sell your products and services and generate big bucks.

Did any of these statistics surprise you? Do you have any others you think we should add to this list? Let us know your thoughts on social media and check back soon to the Zudu China blog for more tips and tricks on running a successful digital marketing campaign in China.

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