Eye Opening Douyin Statistics

Douyin - known as TikTok in the West - is one of China’s biggest success stories. Though WeChat has a bigger user base overall, social network TikTok has managed to penetrate other markets successfully, with almost 500 million users in India and 123 million in the US.

If you’re promoting your products and services in China, don’t overlook the power of Douyin.

First up, it’s important to note that though TikTok and Douyin are essentially the same, they run as individual apps and networks. If you go viral on TikTok, China will be none the wiser, so starting a separate Douyin account for your Chinese operations is highly recommended.

Below, we’ve rounded up 10 eye-opening Douyin statistics to prove why you need to sign up.

68% use Douyin

According to Douyin’s developer ByteDance, 68% of all social media users in China have an account and use the social network on a regular basis. Overall, 59% of all smartphone users have an account, demonstrating the network’s huge reach. WeChat and Weibo are a priority for most brands, but Douyin is quickly gaining ground and becoming a major social player.

Most content is consumed in China

Though India is now TikTok’s biggest market, China accounts for eight out of every ten minutes of content viewed on the platform. Why is that? Chinese consumers are digitally advanced and spend a large proportion of their day glued to their smartphones and tablets.

400 million daily active users

In China, Douyin has more than 400 million daily active users. That’s truly impressive growth when you consider it had 250 million in January 2019. But what does it mean for your brand?

Well, if you’re looking to tap into China’s lucrative e-commerce market, using Douyin with influencers to promote your products will strengthen brand awareness and increase sales.

555.8 million users by 2023

Douyin shows no signs of slowing down. By 2023, the app is expected to have 555.8 million users in China alone. That puts Douyin ahead of Weibo, which will grow to 400 million users by 2021, making it the second-most popular network in China after the powerhouse WeChat.

70% of revenue from China

Douyin generates an impressive 70% of its revenue from the Chinese version of its app. In late 2019, its developers introduced a series of e-commerce features like mini-programs, so users could buy products and services they saw featured in videos at the click of a button.

Most users under 40

According to data from Walk the Chat, 98.4% of Douyin’s user base is under the age of 40, ideal for UK businesses looking to expand into China and reach its affluent millennial and Gen Z markets. Young Chinese consumers are increasingly ditching stores and buying direct from social networks, offering instant gratification and allowing them to boast to their peers.

… but older users love Douyin, too!

That’s not to say there isn’t a demand for content from older consumers. Most creators that upload dance-based videos in China are over the age of 60, so don’t be afraid of mixing up your strategy and enlisting the help of an unorthodox influencer for a viral video campaign.

Users stick around for a while

According to recent data from Douyin’s developer, users typically spend around 52 minutes on the app every day, checking in to see videos from their favourite creators. That gives you the chance to reach out to potential customers through various methods, from creating your own video content promoting the benefits of your product, to working with KOLs to spread your message further. Sponsored posts and hashtags can also be used to drive awareness.

90% of users access the app multiple times a day

Like Instagram and Facebook in the West, 90% of all Douyin users access the app multiple times per day. That’s good news for you, allowing you to show up in timelines and attract attention from users across a wide range of circumstances, like when consumers check-in during lunch, look for humorous content on their commute home and relax with loved ones.

Of course, your strategy should accommodate this; experiment with different post times and create content that’s time-specific and relatable, tapping into relevant trending hashtags.

Long-lasting reach

Though Douyin is designed to offer that immediate dopamine rush and ride off of trends and memes, more than a million videos of the platform’s most popular videos were viewed every day last year. Unlike the ephemeral Instagram Stories and WeChat “Time Capsule”, Douyin videos are permanent and can find success months and even years after they were posted, extending the value of your marketing and allowing you to recirculate your popular content.

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