Digital Marketing To China

Tapping into the Chinese Market.

1.4 Billion Consumers.

The Opportunity

"China offers an abundance of opportunities for UK companies. Right now, the demand is greater than the supply."
~ Wei Zhang, DigiGroup

The Challenge

The UK market lags behind other European nations such as Germany, France and Italy when it comes to exporting to China.

Much of this is down to the broad range of products on offer from country to country, but there is also an overwhelming feeling of lost potential within the Government and businesses alike for existing products. That’s why the Government has recently embarked on a five-year campaign to increase demand for UK products in China.

However, the problem isn’t just linked to demand - UK companies have historically had a big issue with getting to grips with marketing to China and establishing any significant operations within the country.

Much of the problem lies with the overwhelming cultural differences and a significant misunderstanding of how to market your business in China.

The cultural differences aren’t just centred around tastes and language but consumer behaviour is hugely different in China too. How people buy, where they hear about products from and where they buy them from is a difficult thing for many UK companies to grasp when considering delving into the world of marketing to China.

Why Zudu?

  • In-house expertise
  • Well-developed Chinese partnerships
  • Cultural knowledge and expertise
  • Client satisfaction

Zudu’s Unique Solution

Aligning with recent government initiatives and market demand, Zudu is the first Scottish based company to offer a tailored digital marketing strategy to help UK companies break into the Chinese market.

Through our unique combination of specialist in-house resource and Chinese partnerships, we can help you to select the right strategy to increase revenue and grow your brand awareness.

Digital Marketing in China

China has a very unique digital landscape. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Google. No YouTube. And almost entirely mobile-centric. All protected by the great firewall. This presents particular challenges to companies looking to market their products or services in China.

We can help you select the right digital strategy to grow your brand awareness in this vast market.

China Market Entry Strategy

Whether you are just starting to explore the opportunities for your business in China or already have a brand presence and a customer base, we can help.

Tapping into the Chinese Visitor Market

China has overtaken the USA as the world’s largest outbound travel market with 260,000 visitors to the UK in 2016 spending over £513 million. We can help you tap into this rapidly growing market.

We can help you with the right digital strategy to reach Chinese visitors through WeChat and Weibo using content marketing and KOL campaigns and marketing through travel sites such as Mafengwo.

China Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions

Zudu can provide exporters of UK goods with an anti-counterfeiting solution engineered around QR codes which helps consumers distinguish the authentic from the fake, helps exporters track their goods and makes it more difficult for counterfeiters to produce copies of UK products.

China to UK Market Entry

We have packages to help Chinese companies break into the UK market through company registration, digital presence, social promotion and eCommerce setup.

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